The Demolition Project: continuing explorations

The Demolition Project’s ongoing explorations enable people to reshape their city by demolishing buildings, streets or other parts of the built environment that they cannot tolerate, by tearing them out of the map and destroying them. In exchange, they must tell us why. We began with a durational piece at ]performance space[ in Hackney Wick[ in May 2013 and have since visited festivals, galleries and private workshops, opening the map to participants for periods ranging from 90 minutes to six hours. We made a summary of our work so far in the form of Demolitions: A Progress Report, and presented it as a performance-lecture at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, east London in May 2014.

Images above are from The Demolition Project at One to One: Charting the Personal Terrain at the Rag Factory E1 on 27 April 2014. Participants that day included Hanqing Miao, Kat Buchanan, Serena Chalker, Anna Pickles Harvey, Alejandra Lopez, Esther, Christiana, David, Becky, Dave S, Holly, Andy, Calvin, Thea and others who chose to remain anonymous.

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