Demolition of the day: the Orbit

In August 2013, Richard Spence demolished the Orbit in Stratford because

It f*€king ugly.

Full title the ArcelorMittal Orbit, this metal sculpture in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was due to open to the public next week. The admission price would have been £15, or £13 for local residents. According to its website, what you would have got for your money is:

Feel the ground disappear as you make the short journey by lift, 80m to the top viewing platform of the ArcelorMittal Orbit where you will experience a show-stopping panorama.

Instead, thanks to Richard Spence, we felt the Orbit disappear, clearing the landscape for a better view of the sky.

Demolition of the day: the Olympic Press Centre

In August 2013, Martin of Homerton demolished the Olympic Press Centre in Stratford in order to:

Return the land to common usage – allotments please.

Martin’s action will go someway to restoring the Manor Garden allotments that were controversially demolised in 2007 to make way for the 2012 Olympics site.

Demolition of the day: White City flyover

In June 2013, Frances demolished White City flyover because:

Under this flyover are is a load of temporary housing. So families are having to live with billions of cars flying above their heads the whole time… So getting rid of the flyover give them a bit of peace & quiet.

Demolition of the day: Archway tower and gyratory

In August 2013, Simon demolished Archway Tower and Gyratory because:

The tower is the highest in London and we look at it every day. And who wants an urban motorway roundabout by our shops/homes. What were they thinking in the 1970s

Demolition of the day: Oxford Street

In October 2013, Ursula demolished Oxford Street as a shopping centre and replaced it with a giant aquarium running the entire length. She summed up her actions:

Oxford St. –> Shit.
Aquarium instead

In a longer conversation, we talked about transforming people’s lives away from consumer society to the beauty and calm of watching marine life or perhaps swimming the from Tottenham Court Road to Marble Arch.

Subsequently, I discovered that in 1954 there had been a scheme to build glass-bottomed canals and swimming pools above the pedestrianised roads of Soho, but it came to nothing until Ursula’s imaginative intervention found the right place to realise this visionary transformation, in the neighbouring shopping street.

Demolition of the day: 86 Orwell Court

In June 2013, Anonymous burned down 86 Orwell Court, Pownall Road E8 because it was:

My first apartment in London that I had to leave after 2 months because it was disgusting, writing on the walls, NO HEATING and damp walls! I got very sick, anxious and depressed from this.

My flatmate slept on a rug and had a Gerbil running around the house, and used napkins from cafés instead of toilet paper, and other grouse stuff in the excuse of being “Eco”. Yuck!

Demolition of the day: the Thames

In August 2013, Annalisa drained all the water from the Thames:

Keep the bridges, but the water (life) of that Thames River has to go! Bleurgh! Bring the mountain to London!

In conversation, she promised to replace it with clear blue Mediterranean water. It’s not entirely clear which mountain she brought to London (or where she’s hidden it).