quiet crowd

Something we’re planning for our next walkshops …

Quiet Crowd will be a programme of journeys around the city exploring the power – and the limits – of public silences.

From silent religious orders to the selectively mute, to one-minute silence keepers, from librarians to Quakers, to Cage performers, from the Silent Parade in New York in 1911 to Erdem Gündüz’s 2013 standing silence in Taksim Square, Istanbul – to be silent in public can be many things.

Quiet Crowd will investigate the effect of shared silence inon participants, witnesses and the city around us. Each Quiet Crowd walk is conducted without speaking. Can we use our silence to open up a crack, create a space for other awarenesses, assert our presence – or erase it? Can we spread silence like an infection?

More details coming soon.


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