View Point

A continuing project .

Work in progress for audio installation. This is a sample of contributions; contributors include Anna Rose in Florence, Megan Miao in Singapore, Noora Baker in Bir Nabala/East Jerusalem, Josie Were in Adelaide, Rotem Volk in Tel Aviv, Prateek Vijan in Delhi, Luis Felipe Labaki in Sao Paulo, Elizaveta Konovalova in Paris, Johanna Steindorf in Cologne, Pete Stollery in Inverury, Aberdeen, Josef Hofman in Berlin, Yana Gaponenko in Vladivostok, Thom Browning in Brisbane, Lea Kalinna in Buenos Aires, Minsun Park in Seoul, Ylva Frick in Reykjavik, Ilia Obukhov in St Petersburg, Dragan Strunjas in Belgrade, Rima Khusainova in Brooklyn, NY, A-Wing Hsu in Taipei and others to come.

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