Demolition of the day: Liverpool Street

In August 2013, Jelodina took Liverpool Street away, saying simply: “GONE”. She gave a list of reasons for her action:

because it is

– full of drunk pp eating rubbish food

– it is THE CITY (death)

– full of suit wearing idiots x x

– no cool bars

– I hate the Vodafone shops, Mcdonald, boots …

– Nut-bars!!!

We are not sure which of these reasons tipped the balance – we like to think it was either (death) or Nut-bars.

Demolition of the day: Blackheath deer park

In April 2014, Holly carefully excavated Blackheath deer park, complete with deer, and moved it to a golf course near Kew Gardens. She gave her reasons as follows:

I removed the deer park from Blackheath and transplanted it in the Old Deer Park below Kew Gardens which has become a golf course.

The deer park in Blackheath was too small, and I wanted to give the deer back their home.


Enjoy your new home, deer. Watch out, golfers.

Demolitions of the day: Hampstead Ladies Pond + Admiralty Arch

In April 2014, Anna started a major home renovation project by uprooting both the women’s pond on Hampstead Heath and Admiralty Arch in the Mall and moving them to Seven Sisters. She explained her actions thus:

I cut out the ladies bathing pond from Hampstead Heath and put it next door to my house. And I cut out Admiralty Arch from the top of The Mall and stuck it over my house so I can live in there instead. Seven Sisters = up and come.


Maybe she will let you visit them if you ask her nicely.

Demolition of the day: the Shard

In April 2014, Calvin demolished the Shard. His reasons are as follows:

I feel its a pointless piece of architecture that doesn’t add to the environment surrounding it. In fact; it takes away, (distracts?) from the historical building buildings in the vicinity.


What will London Bridge look like without it?

Demolition of the day: Part of Hyde Park beside the Serpentine

In April 2014, Dave S dug up a patch of Hyde Park beneath a tree next to the Serpentine. This is his explanation:

Underneath a tree next to the Serpentine holds an intimate memory. Where I met one of the most important people in my life today.


Although he didn’t spell it out, we had the impression that he wanted to preserve the memory as something private, safe from the indignities of dog pee and tourist feet.

Demolition of the day: Kingsland Road

In April 2014, Idel Hand demolished Kingsland Road giving the reason:

No longer shall the spoon gummers ape the interchangable code of cosumer conduct to make up for their lack of personality


Although his spelling is idiosyncratic, I understand just what he means.

Demolition of the day: the Orbit

In August 2013, Richard Spence demolished the Orbit in Stratford because

It f*€king ugly.

Full title the ArcelorMittal Orbit, this metal sculpture in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was due to open to the public next week. The admission price would have been £15, or £13 for local residents. According to its website, what you would have got for your money is:

Feel the ground disappear as you make the short journey by lift, 80m to the top viewing platform of the ArcelorMittal Orbit where you will experience a show-stopping panorama.

Instead, thanks to Richard Spence, we felt the Orbit disappear, clearing the landscape for a better view of the sky.