Demolition of the day: a footprint in Hyde Park

In April 2014, Alexis tore up an area of turf in Hyde Park in the shape of a giant footprint. Here’s her story:

Tour out a shape of a footprint out of Hyde Park. Reason is that I was in Hyde Park one day reading peacefully until one old man bothered me about taking photos & feeling my bare feet. He had a collection of photos, a strange foot fettish!


There’s a lesson in there somewhere but we’re not sure what it is.


Demolition of the day: Part of Hyde Park beside the Serpentine

In April 2014, Dave S dug up a patch of Hyde Park beneath a tree next to the Serpentine. This is his explanation:

Underneath a tree next to the Serpentine holds an intimate memory. Where I met one of the most important people in my life today.


Although he didn’t spell it out, we had the impression that he wanted to preserve the memory as something private, safe from the indignities of dog pee and tourist feet.